Praise for the Zofran shot & We made it Home!

on Wednesday, April 23

Hello Friends!
Just a quick note to expound upon the virtues of the Zofran drug. Zofran is an anti-nausea drug- and boy howdy- did it do wonders for Dana today. She woke up extremely nauseated from the surgery, despite already having had 3 anti-nausea medications "cocktailed" into her IV before having anisthesia. Because of the Zofran Dana was able to emerge from the black hole of nausea, gain coherency and make it home b y 7 pm tonight. (Thank you Briana for suggesting I ask for more drugs! - Dana)

It is so nice to be in the comfort of our own home- its so much quieter and everyone feels much more relaxed. Praise God Josiah is finally eating. Most of the day he refused the bottle so I ended up feeding him breastmilk (amidst spitting it out and the occasional gagfest) with a syringe.

Dana is taking Tylenol for pain- and is very sore, but overall in good spirits. We are so thankful to the Lord for the surgery going so well and the care that we received at the hospital. Now its rest and recuperation for the next 5 days. Thanks so much for all your prayers- we could feel every one of them!
Shawn & Dana


Stephanie said...

I am so glad she was able to get Zofran, I had it when I was in the hospital and it was WONDERFUL!

I am praying for a fast recovery and minimal pain!!!

Christy said...

I am glad that the surgery went well. We need to plan a play date for your eldest and Olivia. She would be thrilled. Josiah is getting to be so big. I love reading about you guys and continue to pray for a job break through. I have travelled that road several times and can testify that God does always provide. Love ya!