Arrival in Redding

on Friday, July 24

Hello Friends-
We have safely arrived in Redding. We had a really nice drive down today. We checked into the hotel at 9:30pm. It only took us 12 hours to make a 7.25 hour drive. We figured not too bad for 6 stops!

Actually, one of the best parts of our day was getting to see Uncle Jason and Aunt Olivia, and cousins Teagan and TJ in Corvallis on the way down. We got to catch up a little and spend some time in a jumping gym with tons of inflatables. Even Shawn and Jason got in on some of the action! (Pictures to come- I promise).

We are headed to bed for a much needed rest before our big day at Bethel's healing rooms tomorrow. Thank you for all of your prayers for safety and traveling grace- the kids did great. More updates soon-
Shawn, Dana & Kids


Anonymous said...

Your family is in my thoughts! That worked for me in 1991 at a Church I attended in Palm Desert after I was told I wouldn't have kids. Two kids later...

Congrats on your amazing job!

Big hugs to all you.

Anne Sheridan

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the trip down went well. Seriously, only 6 stops? That's great!! Have been thinking and praying for you guys this weekend. Will be so anxious to hear more once you get back. Love you guys!