Josiah's 2 tests this week

on Sunday, March 14

We wanted to ask for prayer as Josiah has two tests this week. Tomorrow, Monday 15th, he has the 3-D CT scan which he will be IV sedated for. The 3-D CT Scan is so the doctors can see every little piece of bone and the exact structure of his spinal abnormality - they want to see in detail the area where the spinal cord is almost being pinched off. They think the ct scan will show them exactly how much room it has (right now they're guessing barely 3mm) and if there is any pressure or pinching happening currently. This 3-D ct scan will also allow them to "digitally play" with Josiah's back (on the computer) and see what would happen in different surgical scenerios - would this part move or that part, would it make it unstable, how thick are his surrounding vertebrae, etc. So they're expecting to get a lot of info from this 3-D CT Scan. Pray Josiah is perfectly still during the whole procedure - he will be sedated but kids still jerk and move while sleeping. Pray for as little movement as possible.

Thursday the 18th he will have his urodynamic study which he will be orally sedated for. This test is so they can get a baseline of his bladder, kidney and bowel sphynctor functions. They want to know if his bladder and kidneys are function properly on all levels - filling up, emptying out, responding to sphynctor control telling it to hold in or let out, etc. Same with his bowels. The oral sedation is a lighter sedation and he will possibly be "awake" but will not remember any of it. They cannot do the deep sedation with this test because then they do not get normal responses from the body which they need during this test in particular. Dana will be back with him during the whole test to reassure him if he opens his eyes - he will feel no pain but will be in and out of being aware of his surroundings but again, will not remember any of it. Some kids sleep through all if it - pray that this is the case for Josiah - it's during his naptime so there's a good possibility that he will.

Thank you for praying for these tests this week. We appreciate it SO much! We will not know anything after these tests since we are not meeting with the doctors right away. The doctors have to get the tests, review them and talk together about what they find. We will then meet with them (no appointment is scheduled yet) and they'll explain what they found from the tests and what they recommend. Pray that the doctors are able to talk soon - it's a miracle to get specialists to talk because their workloads are so huge. We are guessing that it will be 4-6 weeks before we are able to meet with them. We will post as soon as we know about that appointment and for sure after we meet with them to update you on what we find out.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support! Josiah is a gift and a blessing and we know he is held in the palm of God's hand.
Blessings -
Shawn & Dana


Stephanie said...

I am praying!!! Please let me know if there is anything I can help with this week to make your load easier. Big Hugs to all of you!

denise said...

Praying that the tests go well this week...