on Monday, November 12

Welcome Blog visitors new and old! Since I just recently moved my blog- I thought I would make my updates with some special introductions! We have had a busy fall season with Dara beginning the 2nd grade, Dana finishing her 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy and more. To catch you up- here is a picture of our family on a recent trip to Joe's Place Farm in Vancouver, WA:

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We love Joe's Place! Its a great place to get seasonal fruit (strawberries and peaches- YUM!), and a great place for a hay ride and the annual pumpkin hunt. We had the most gorgeous fall day- and a great time!

Now, for introduction #2:
As many of you know, this Spring, Dana and I left City Bible Church to start a church with some friends of ours, Joseph and Briana Branchflower. Our church, Current, is located on 49th + Division in SE Portland. We meet Friday nights from 6:30-8:30pm. It has been a wonderful adventure and we are excited to see God work in our lives and others lives. We are believing God for a mighty work to be done through this church in our area and around the world! I will be writing updates about Current here on my blog, and sharing about what God is doing through and in our church. So Please check back often! Here are some long overdue pictures of the outside of our church:

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The front doors of the church

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One of our signs

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Our Street Sign (to be seen as you are heading west and/or eastbound on Division St.)

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OK, so this is one of the planters I potted for the outside of our church. I couldn't help myself- I love gardening and had to share! You will see more of my gardening exploits throughout the year- I promise.

And lastly, Introduction#3:
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This is a picture of our baby boy, Josiah, drawn by our daughter, Dara. (Didn't she do a great job?) Josiah is due in January of 2008, but is slated for an early arrival sometime after the 2nd week of December. We are so excited for his arrival. He is a long awaited blessing to our family. I guarantee more updates and pictures to come as we near his birth!

Well, my friends- thanks for joining me on this journey. There is more adventure to come for sure- come back often for more musings, meditations, updates on the Klinkners and our church, Current! You can visit our church website at - It's still in the process of being finished- but you are welcome to check it out nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn,
Okay, so everyone is in bed and all is quiet on the home front. I just had to come check you out boyfriend!! I'll be back for sure. : )

Betsy said...

Hey Shawn! I'm gonna come check out what's happening at Current this week. I am moving to Portland soon...
I miss you tons. Good to see you are well!


Betsy said...

Hey Shawn!
I planning on checking out the Current this week. I am planning a move to Portland in Jan/Feb. SOOOO excited.
I miss you tons and it is good to see that you are all well.


Lana Jo Hutton said...

My prayers are with you through this time! I know that God has you in his hands, and that he is taking good care of you and Baby. I will continue to read and watch for any news that will be updated. This child is a blessing for you and your family, and I know things WILL BE FINE! I am here for you today and always. I love you with all my heart!
Always, Your friend, Lana Jo