Adventures at the Adventist Hospital

on Saturday, December 1

Hello friends-
Just an update- we have been having a nice stay at the Portland Adventist Hospital the last couple of days. On Thursday, Dana went in for her weekly meet with our OB/GYN and her blood pressure was up and hadn't come down since our last visit. She was promptly admitted to the hospital and has been monitored here since. It has been a godsend because several times her blood pressure has spiked really high. They have her on blood pressure medication which has helped to regulate her blood pressure and she's on mandatory bed rest from now until she reaches 36 weeks in her pregnancy (Dec. 13th) at which point we will probably be inducing labor and having Josiah. We hope to be discharged from the hospital sometime tomorrow, but that is all dependent on her blood pressure staying in safe levels.

So thank you for those of you who have been praying. We are in very good spirits and looking forward to returning home and also to having Josiah very soon. Keep posted for more updates! Talk soon-


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Carebear Becker said...

WOW!! This boy really wants to take on the world. We are praying for you!

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