The Amazing "Baby" Race

on Friday, December 14

This is your cervix:
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This is your cervix on Pitocin:
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Seriously though- today is day 2 in the Amazing Baby Race. Last night after 2 laps around the Family Birth Center, and being freed from bed rest- Dana has had a decent night's sleep, intermittently woken up with contractions. Today our team heads for the Pit Stop and the final destination for this leg of the journey. Our team must now begin the labor induction process with some Pitocin- the anesthesiologist is expected anytime with the epidural. Will Josiah Seth Klinkner be born before 3pm today??? Join us and find out in this last episode of.....


Danelle said...

Shawn, you crack me up! Nice visual there. Ha! Seriously, though, I'll be checking back here throughout the day.....can't wait for the next post!

Briana said...

Epidural time, that's good news!