Pictures Galore!!

on Saturday, December 29

Hello Friends-
I think we are going to make it! Josiah is no longer jaundiced and has officially gained back the weight he lost and is now 1 oz. over his birthweight. He is doing much better with his eating and has been eating without any breastmilk supplements. Yahoo! Now to indulge you with pics from the last couple of weeks:

Here's a picture of our little peanut

This is a picture of me finger feeding Josiah- this is what we had to do in addition to Dana breastfeeding- to help him get the full amount of food that he needed to grow and get over the jaundice. You can see the little catheter alongside my finger which we used to pump the extra breastmilk through.

Ok. So I have to tell you why I love this picture. Everytime Josiah finishes eating he will go from a curled up, snuggly fetal position to stretching out his little arms and legs and holding them out mid-air until he is satisfied. He then promptly collapses back onto the boppy pillow with a full tummy. Here he is stretching his little legs out!

A closeup of the little Boobivore

Josiah in his carseat looking ultra-cute before we go to get his blood drawn at the lab to test his billy-ruben level.

Ok. So I got a wild hair 2 nights before Christmas because we had no Christmas goodies. So I went on a rampage and made Almond Joy Cookies (hello- so scrumptious- just ask me about them and I will extol their chocolatey, coconutty, chewy virtues) and Peanut butter fudge. Here we are licking our spoons after pouring the PB fudge. MMM good.

We took this picture to show the diminutive nature of our little son- so for some perspective, we put Josiah up next to a 16oz. Starbucks coffee tumbler. He won't stay this little for long...

Big Sister Dara is always ready to lend a helping hand-- except for when it comes to changing diapers!

Just had to share this picture of our beautiful girl in her Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve. We are blessed with two beautiful children!!

Well thats all for now- more soon. Thanks for keeping up with us!
Shawn & Fam


~~Tami :-) said...

Love the new pictures .... of all of you!! It's so nice to see that you 4 are all surviving .... and have smiles on your faces!! Merry Christmas and here's hoping for a wonderful New Year!! HUGS!! Tami

Stephanie H. said...

Oh my, he is just adorable, I want to grab him up!!! And Dara looks so sweet in front of the tree! I am glad he is gaining weight and doing well!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Stephanie :)

Danelle said...

Hooray!!... .More pictures! What a treat. :) Okay, the one of the finger feeding was a major flash back to doing the same w/ our boys. SOoo glad to know you guys won't have to worry about that any more! Yeah! And I love the chicken legs. Ahhh... those chicken legs. Won't be that way for long! And then my favorite... the one of Josiah next to the mug, but not necessarily for the size comparison, but for his absolutely CUTE posing for the camera. Just too darling! Okay, and can I just add that you guys do NOT look at ALL sleep deprived!? Hello?!!! Just bright eyed and bushy tailed. :) I'm sure you probably don't feel that way, but just know that you all look great! Thanks so much for taking the time to post. :) Love you guys!
Love, Danelle (and the gang)

Aunt Michelle said...

I haven't checked your blog in awhile and I am having trouble sleeping tonight and it occured to me that I needed to check your blog and I am so glad I did! I love the pics! I especially love the one of Josiah and the starbucks tumbler! I can't believe how tiny he is! I love my nephew! I love all of you as well! I am so glad things are going a little better!