Quick Update and Promise

on Thursday, January 17

Hello Friends and Family-
How I have missed posting! You have lingered like a shadow in my mind calling to me saying...
"Shawn... please, post something, anything... quirky tidbits, delightful baby pictures, anything!"
So here I am, signed, sealed and delivered, responding to your cries for an update!

So here's the latest:
We have singlehandedly watched all of the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVD's (yes, all three) during our midnight feedings with Josiah. Dana and I found that if we watched something we were less likely to black out during a breast feeding. Not only did we watch LOTR, but we watched all 5 of the Love Comes Softly DVD series (very good, mind you- Pioneer Love Stories, for you who are unaware), Anne of Green Gables the first movie and the sequel. We have seen one episode of Planet Earth and we have begun watching the 6 hour epoch of Gone With the Wind. Josiah is steadily growing and doesn't seem to mind that our attention has been divided between him and watching the occasional movie while breastfeeding in the wee hours of the night! The little boobivore has graduated from his preemie clothes to the Newborn (to 7lbs.) size. Its fun getting to change his little wardrobe around. And, just a side note- the preemie Huggies don't absorb worth beans! If it hadn't been for the timely admonition of Mrs. Briana Branchflower and recommendation of Safeway's Diaper Doublers, we would be lost in laundry land washing small loads of blown out onesies and one-piece outfits.

Our church, Current, is doing well. Our weekly radio broadcast has been a faith filled adventure for us. Although we saw our first fruit from it last week at service when a family who had been touched by the broadcast came and visited on Friday night. Yeah God!

On a sad note, we found out last Wednesday that Christ Community Ministries is permanently closing and I was laid off from my full-time job. The news came very suddenly and the ministry was officially closed the same day we were notified of the change. We are unsure as to all the reasons why the change occurred, but are confident that God's hand of providence and purpose will be evident in this sudden transition. I have great hopes for an effectual opportunity to be opened to me for work here in the future- in the meantime, I have some severance pay from the lay off that will provide me some time to find what God has laid up for us. Though I am feeling very hopeful at this point for my future, I will miss my co-workers dearly- we shared many adventures together over the last eleven years. We are trying to stay connected as best we can with the transition- but I know I will miss seeing them as regularly as before... Miss Carolyn especially. She is like another mom to me. I would recommend that everyone have such a loving and fiesty black lady in their life!! I will also miss many of the special relationships I was priviliged to build with the clients we served at the food ministry and through the Mobile Dental Program. It is difficult to imagine the sense of loss they might be feeling with the ministry being closed now.

That being said, I am now home exploring my future. Dana is enjoying the added support and convenience of having me around to help with Josiah. And I am enjoying it too. Its a time to rest and a time to dream again. I promise more adorable pics of Josiah are coming and updates on my journey. Check back soon!


Danelle said...

THANKS so much for the update! (I hate to admit... I check your blog every day... hoping for some news. :) It was good to get a recap of what's going on.... and we're glad to hear Josiah is growing and doing well. Yeah! Although the news about Christ Community wasn't necessarily what I was expecting to hear. What a shock! You are in our prayers, Shawn, as you look for the Lord's leading in where you will head next. Although it sounds like you're enjoying and taking advantage of this unexpected time to be with the family. A big unseen blessing! Can't wait to see those pictures soon. :) Gotta get my "Josiah fix". We love you guys so much!

Stephanie Hosszu said...

YAY an update, like Danelle, I also check this every day LOL! It's so good to hear that things are going well with Josiah and it cracks me up that you are watching movies that late at night LOL. I understand though, once I was feeding Caleb (this was in the first couple of weeks) and I woke up to find that he had rolled down my legs and was laying on my feet... not nursing LOL! After that, I forced myself to get up and go out to the couch and turn the TV on while I nursed at night LOL!.

Anyways, I also was SO sad to hear about your job, I can't believe it was so sudden, I am so sorry, but you have a great attitude towards it and you are right, God has something amazing in store for you!
John and I will be in prayer for you!

Hey also, I have a blog now (you guys are listed in my friends section) so go take a peek-

Can't wait to see new pictures!