Tuesday Dr.'s Appt. Update

on Tuesday, December 11

Hello Friends, Family and Baby Whisperer hopefulls,
We had our appt. with Dr. Nak tonight. (Drumroll please...)
And Dana is so healthy and the best rest has been working (blood pressure regular, no protein in urine) that he no longer has any reason to induce Dana's labor immediately. However, because many women who have gestational hypertension develop preeclampsia, it doesn't mean Dana is out of the woods. So, the next move is that we are having an amniocentesis Thursday morning to determine Josiah's lung maturity. If the results come back that his lungs are viable- then we can induce labor because Dr. Nakamura doesn't want to take the risk that Dana could develop preeeclampsia. If the results of the amnio show that his lungs need more time to develop then, he will continue to watch Dana every couple days until either her body can't handle it anymore or until we are sure that Josiah's lungs have matured. So Dana is still on bedrest until the end of the pregnancy, but we are encouraged by this good report and that the bedrest has been effective.

We should have the results from the amnio (and a gameplan) by Thursday evening. As always thanks for your support, encouragement and prayers. Now its off to a movie and peanut buster parfaits (oh yeah- they are buy 1 get one free at the DQ on Mill Plain- can't beat that!)


Stephanie Hosszu said...

What a roller coaster this has been for you! I wish I was 100% better so I could bring you all a meal or take Dara or something, but know that I am praying for the perfect birthdate for your little guy.

ps- what movie did you see? And I can't believe you mentioned Peanut Buster Parfaits... I am SO craving one now LOL!

Shawn Klinkner said...

Thanks Stephanie- we have been praying for your health too! It has been a bit of a roller coaster- but we are in good spirits.

PS. the PB Parfaits were so good! And the movie we watched was an episode of Survivor that we missed and we have also been having a Pride & Prejudice marathon. So fun!