We're having a Baby!

on Thursday, December 13

Hello Friends!
This morning we showed up for our amniocentesis at the hospital and when Dr. Nakamura got out the ultrasound to begin to look for pockets of amniotic fluid, he noticed that Dana's amniotic fluid was low, another complication of the gestational hypertension AND an automatic reason to induce! So we ended up not having the amnio after all and they admitted Dana to the hospital.

Its now 4:18pm and they are getting Dana set up on IV and preparing her for the induction. When we had Dara 7 years ago Dana responded very well to induction and we had Dara after 9 hours of labor (and an epidural). We are hopeful that Dana's body responds equally as well this time if not a bit faster. Stay tuned for cute baby pics!!


Stephanie Hosszu said...

I just heard from my mom that you were at the hospital! I can't wait for an update and to see some pictures of baby Josiah!!!!