Tribute and Getting down to business...

on Saturday, January 26

Hello Friends-

As promised I am here with content! This will be the first of a couple of posts- so be sure to read on!

First and foremost- I wanted to do a tribute to my staff at Christ Community. Here we are the Friday after our lay off getting together for some closure and some lunch:

My co-workers: Walter, Brian, Carolyn (my other mom) and yours truly (not pictured: Michael Johnson, Arrianna Moody, Dan York and Brian York)

Christ Community was a unique place- nowhere else could people come to get food and find not only a friend, but someone they could speak candidly to and be spoken candidly to about their life and about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. There were a lot of special relationships we had with our clients there and our staff was like a family. Here's to you guys!

The last two weeks have been an adjustment. It has been weird to actually have a bit of margin in my life. I find that I look forward to the days I have at home to job hunt and be available to help Dana with Josiah. Kicking my week off I had to get organized. Props to anyone of you who can manage to function in a dirty office, or cook in a dirty kitchen... cuz I can't! I totally ransacked my office and the 6 months worth of filing I had to do. I cleaned out my desk so that I had a space I could finally function in. I made a trip to Office Max to get myself a new ink cardtridge for the printer. And then I found these:


OK- so they are file folders. But they were the COOLEST file folders I had ever seen. And I needed them. Surely the man who organized his job searching process with these file folders would be sharper, keener, cutting edge- just like these folders.

They were mine. And not only am I organized now. I am stylishly organized.
Did I mention they were on sale?