Pancakes, Hampster Wheels and Bugaloos

on Saturday, February 16

So this morning Dana and I were finishing up a pancake breakfast while Dara was brushing her teeth. We had just laid Josiah down for a nap. For the past week he has been sleeping a 5-6 hour block at night which gives us about 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep- SO NICE. Last night however he didn't sleep so great and was hungry about every 3-3.5 hours on the dot. Ouch.
So here's a glimpse of our conversation this morning:

Exhausted Dana says, "Remind me again why we decided to have children."
Slightly perky but still tired Shawn: "O hon- do you realize how empty our life would be without Dara and Josiah?"
Dana pauses..." Yeah, but at least I would be able to sleep- at least I would be rested!"
Shawn laughs.
Dana: "I just feel like I am on this never ending hampster wheel and I can't get off" (laughing somewhat hysterically). Sigh of resignation. "Yeah, you're right. Our life would be pretty empty. I would be rested. I would have my scrapbooking done, cause it would just be you and me, my house would be clean, but we wouldn't have our two little 'loos (short for bugaloo, a Klinkner nickname for our children). They are pretty cute."

Yep. They are pretty cute. Wanna see? Check these out:
Big sister Dara and Josiah

Josiah gets dressed for Superbowl Sunday- Go GIANTS!

Hangin' out with my dad

And the moment we have all been waiting for: SMILES (spontaneous applause)


Danelle said...

Wow, Josiah has changed a LOT in the pictures from Christmas time until now. Holy cow! Just a huge difference. So alert.. and smiling! How wonderfully fun - even in the midst of sleeplessness. :) Stand strong, my friends, stand strong!

Jenifer Johnston said...

Sooo stankin cute!!!! and I love love love his smile. I need to come see him again soon. (0: