Sowing Seeds...

on Monday, March 3

As some of you may remember... last summer the mad scientist in me got out and I began hybridizing my daylilies (you can read about it on my old blog The Winding Road). Well it was time to plant our seeds (a little late actually, but better than not planted at all!)

So on one bright and beautiful Sunday morning while Dana was sleeping in... Dara and I sat down and read the Parable of the Sower in the book of Matthew and we talked about the different kinds of ground in the story. We had a good time- and it was fun to get to explain to Dara something in the scripture that was about to become relevant to her. After we were finished I got out my new APS-24, a cool self-watering seed starter kit from and Dara and I began sowing my daylily seeds that I had harvested from my hybridizations last year. Here's a picture of our completed project:


I am seriously hoping they germinate and grow. It would be a cool reward for sure! Stay tuned for updates :)