Announcements, Apple Crisp and Electrical Projects...

on Monday, March 3

Hello Friends!
Well, we did it! Our Christmas cards/Baby Announcements are out! We're trying to block out the fact that its almost Easter- so you should start to see them arriving in your mailboxes- yeah!

On another note- we have had an electrical project done in our house and had to stay a couple of nights up at Wayne and Elaine's house (Dana's parents)- because the power had to be shut off while they redid our electrical panel. They also had to check all the outlets and light fixtures to make sure they were oxidized properly being that we have a mixture of aluminum and copper wiring in the house. So all that to say- we are now living in an electrically safe home- but we were out of the house for a few days.

And now for our next item... Probably the best apple crisp I have ever made! I was in Winco the other day doing some food shopping and the Granny Smith apples were on sale so I picked up a few and was inspired to make apple crisp. A week later (because thats the way things tend to work around here with the baby- inspiration hits and a week later is realized), I made it. I got the recipe off of the All website So here it is! I recommend that you try it out. Its DEELISH :)

And our finale (You didn't think that I could get through a fresh post without a new baby pic?) Here's a recent pic of Josiah.
I call it: Josiah Thinking...



Jenifer Johnston said...

Ahhh look at how big he is getting. I need to come see him soon. OH and I am so trying that apple crisp recipe now. Thanks alot shawn (I say that sarcastically in case you didn't know) (0: Love the Dara Valentine video too. She is too stinkin funny. Zach is having fun playing with her on webkinz.
love you guys.

Current Church said...

recipe sounds so good, but, are you allowed to eat apple crisp without us? Isn't there some Klinkner clause of living that says it must be shared...briana