Update on the Job Hunt

on Monday, March 31

Hello Friends!
It has been a while since I have posted so I have several things I am going to be posting today from family updates to news and infomation about our church,Current, to some fun garden news and pics!

First of all- an update to my job hunting. As many of you know I was laid off from my full-time job at Christ Community in the beginning of January when the organization was closed by the benefactor. Since then I have continued to work at Starbucks part-time and have been searching for work to replace both jobs. Usually I find 3-4 good job opportunities in the my ideal pay range every week to apply for. Recently I started working with a few recruiters that do direct to hire placement, and that has been good to employ other people in helping me find work as well. Until last week I hadn't had any contacts for interviews which was a bit discouraging. Last week, however, I was contacted by an organization in Portland that utilizes motivational coaching to help college and university students in their success at school. The company is contracted by colleges and universities to provide the service (rather than by the students themselves). I had a short 15 minute phone interview with them- which went well. I actually have another interview this Wednesday in the morning to check out the opportunity further. I am not sure that it is something that will financially work- but I am going to go and sharpen my interviewing skills and see what opportunities will open up for me. Its nice to finally have some action on the interviewing front!!

Several friends at the church I am helping to pastor have been unemployed and we been praying for them and have seen God provide wonderful jobs three times now. That gives me faith that my breakthrough is coming. Thats the wonderful thing about a testimony. When people give testimony about something that God does in their life- it releases faith in those who hear it that God can do the same for them. So I am certainly benefitting from having seen God answer our prayers for Tom, Lindsey and Trish. I'll be sure to share mine when I have a new job! Stay posted-