Home Again and waiting....

on Sunday, December 2

Hello Friends-
We are home again! We were finally able to get Dana's blood pressure regulated with medication and bed rest at the hospital. Our Dr. felt comfortable that Dana would be safe at home now- so she is officially on total bed rest and medication for the next two weeks until she reaches her 36th week of pregnancy at which point we will look into inducing labor.

We are so grateful to everyone at the Portland Adventist Hospital- we received such wonderful care there from our nurses and from Dr. Nakamura. Now we get to wait for a couple more days until we get to have Josiah, and then Christmas! I certainly have my work cut out for me. I just did all the grocery shopping for a couple weeks and popped a Tater Tot casserole in the oven. Nothing like some comfort food for some cold rainy weather. More updates soon!
Shawn & fam


Danelle said...

We are glad to hear the latest news! And are continuing to pray, pray, pray... and can't wait for Josiah's arrival!
Love you guys!

Shawn Klinkner said...

Thanks for praying!