Dr.'s Appt Today

on Thursday, December 6

Hi friends-

Thanks for all your emails, blog posts and encouraging phone calls! We are doing well. Today Dana had her appointment with Dr. Nakamura and here's the scoop:
1. Her blood pressure is in a good range.
2. She is 70% effaced and dialated 1 centimeter
3. She got to stop taking the labor stopping medicine today- which means if she goes into labor, they are not going to stop it.
4. If for some reason we don't have the baby by next Thursday when Dana reaches 36 weeks- they are going to induce Dana's labor. The reason being that often gestational hypertension (high blood pressure) can often turn into preclampsia which is dangerous to child and mom- and since 36 weeks is the beginning of what they consider full term, Dr. Nak says at the very latest we will be having a baby next week! Yeehaw!

So that's the big scoop for now. We had a nice lunch at Old Chicago after the appointment (if you ever go there, you HAVE to get the artichoke dip- it comes with garlic bread and fresh veggies and hands down beats any other artichoke dip I have ever had). Moving on... tonight Dana had contractions for about 2.5 hours ranging from every 4-16 minutes apart (starting off longer and then getting closer and closer together), then they mysteriously vanished. It's clear her body is getting ready- so we may not even make it to next Thursday. We celebrated tonight with pizza and by decorating the house for Christmas- Dana supervised from the recliner of course (still on bedrest until Josiah gets here), but we had a good time getting the multitudes of snowmen out, hanging the wreath and Christmas pictures up. Stay tuned for more exciting updates-- just think... really cute baby pictures are just around the corner!! Love-
Shawn & Family

Here's a pic our Mommy-to-be and Dara, excited big sister!
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Danelle said...

Love, love, LOVE this picture! Thanks so much for including one. :) Dana, you've just been on my heart so much - I'm praying you have the strength and endurance to get through this last little bit. I know you're just so ready NOW, so stand (or recline!) strong in these final preggo days. We love you guys!!

Stephanie H. said...

That is such a cute picture! I am so glad to know that they aren't stopping labor anymore and you will have a precious baby boy before you know it! I am praying for you all...