There and Back Again

on Tuesday, December 4

Hello friends!
Yesterday (Monday) Dana started to experience some pre-term labor, so we spent the night at the hospital again. She was having contractions approximately every 3-6 minutes. When we got here they decided to try and control the labor with a muscle relaxant called Procardia, with the disclaimer that if Dana's body was going to labor, it would do so in spite of the relaxant, but if her body was just going through a "dress rehearsal" that the Procardia would probably stop the labor.

Its Tuesday morning now and we are waiting for our Dr. to come and give us the scoop. Whenever the Procardia would wear off during the night, Dana's contractions would start up again- so it's any body's guess where we will be today... Home or Hospital? Baby or no Baby...

Hmmm.... It's hard to wait. Playing footsie with your expectations is not my cup of tea. I am ready to have a BABY! (Just FYI, Dana is too.) but we may be waiting again. More info soon. {sigh}


Ruth said...

Thanks for the email alerting us to Dana's condition and your blog. I've added you to my bloglines so I can catch any updates!

gabrielle said...

Shawn, Dana and Dara--

What a week for your little family. You are all in our prayers as you prepare for Josiah. We are so blessed to live in a time of good medicine and technology--we are thankful they have been keeping care of you. We will continue to send hopeful thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

Briana said...

Been waiting to read you blog, glad I found it today! Here comes Josiah and we are so excited! That is one baby that I KNOW will give me some needed baby germs.

Danelle said...

Oh Shawn, even in the midst of all this, you had to get a Tolkien-ism in there! Love the title of this post. :)