Wishin' and hopin' and waitin' and waiting some more, and waiting more...

on Saturday, December 8

Well friends-
Here we are on the 5 day countdown. Dana's body has completely STOPPED having contractions. I'm beginning to think this is some kind of weird torture. I have felt like a little kid at Christmastime the last couple days (in regards to Josiah being born). So here's a snapshot ito my thoughtlife:

I get up in the morning... I wonder if its going to be today? Lord it would be really great if we had the baby today... Honey have you had any contractions yet? What? You want me to fix you biscuits and gravy? OK, it might be your last meal before you start labor- sure why not? Oh yeah, I have to work today. I don't want to work- what if this baby comes? Dara needs a lunch for school. OK. I can do this. She has to leave for school in 10 minutes- oh boy the pressure's on. I'll fix you biscuits and gravy when I get back from dropping her off.

The drive to school: I wonder if Dana's having contractions..., is there anything I'm forgetting to pack in our bags? DId i put the cord for the digital camera in our bag so I can upload pictuures to the laptop? I wonder what Josiah is going to look like? Will he have blonde hair and blue eyes like me and Dara, or will he have dark hair and Dana's eyes? What if he doesn't have hair? Hmm... wouldn't it be neat if I got home and Dana's water broke and I didn't have time to fix her biscuits and gravy and we had to go straight to the hospital? By Dara, have a great day at school...

Home again... As you can see, nobody is driving me crazy except for myself. It's so hard to wait- especially after being in the Family Birth Center in the hospital twice in one week and being so close to the reality of having a baby. Seeing and hearing little babies all around when you walk by the hospital nursery. {sigh} I guess I'm going to have to wait.

So I wake up this morning. "Hon did you have any contractions last night?"
Reply, "No. Are you going to rake up the leaves in the yard today?"
Are we on the same planet?

The show must go on! More info soon (please oh please- let there be more info soon!)
Shawn & Fam


jeniferlouise said...

OH my goodness Shawn. You totally crack me up!!!! (0: love you guys and can't wait. I decided not to call and harass again today (I figure you are getting enough phone calls). So I will keep it to calls every other day. heee heee.

Nancy L. said...

You're too funny Shawn! I can sooo see you making yourself crazy. Okay, so it's Sunday and Thursday's coming. Just think, by this time next week, there will be one more Klinkner on the planet. Yeahhhhh!!! Oh, and my vote is for dark hair and eyes. One of each would be sooo cute. : )

Briana said...

I'm stalking your blog. Expecting to see an announcement and picture of Josiah even though you'll call when you're headed to the hospital! I'm excited.