Josiah's First Bath

on Saturday, December 15

Howdy friends!
Well it has been an eventful day here at the hospital. Dara and Wayne came to the hospital this morning to meet Josiah. Josiah has been entirely in the nursery of the Family Birth Center because they needed to monitor his vital signs, make sure his breathing and oxygen saturation were adequate and to test his blood sugar. So far- his lungs appear to be working great and he needs a little help maintaining temperature. His blood sugar was chronically low this morning (should be 41, was 10) so they immediately got Josiah on an IV which is releasing sugar in his system to help his blood sugar stabilize. Now, they are weaning him off of it so that we can begin to help him to eat and learn how to suck properly. Many babies born pre-term struggle with eating- its something you have to teach them and help them to get into a rhythm about. So Dana has begun pumping to get some of her colostrum out for him to eat & mix with formula. Once they are confident about his eating abilities we should be good to go- but we could potentially be in the hospital an additional couple of days beyond Monday.

This afternoon we are trying to recuperate and rest- Dana and I have been up for about the last 40 hours- so we are pretty bushed. Before naptime though, Dana got to go in and assist the nurse with Josiah's first bath. Here are some more pics of our handsome little guy:

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Big Sister Dara meets her little brother

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Josiah- mad and crying during his first bath

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Josiah practicing his one-eyed pirate look on us after bathtime

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Happy, clean little man!


Briana said...

He sure does look like Dara. Strong genes Shawn. He is adorable.

Stephanie H said...

Oh he is adorable and he looks just like Dara! I am glad to hear he is doing good and hopefully things will just get better and better. Praying for you all,

Tana said...

Oh, he is just adorable! The parents of a BOY!!! Yeah!! Praying for your family...can't wait to meet Josiah!!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO EXCITED he's here! He's beautiful! Congrats to your family. What a Christmas gift!!! Can't wait to meet him! Take care Mama, Dad & Big Sis!
Anne Sheridan

Valerie said...

Love the new pictures, you really can see similarities to Dara in them. We are thinking about you guys.

Sallie said...

Wow, what a cutie! I am so happy for all of you. He is a lucky little boy to have a wonderful big sister and great parents...not to mention our good friends and grandparents, Wayne and Elaine. Only thing, why wasn't Dana wearing jewelry during labor? know those accessories are so important!!! Hope to see you all soon...Sallie