Random 80's Flashback

on Monday, March 10

So this morning I just got home from taking Dara to school. I get into the house and am getting ready mentally to attack my week of job hunting with fresh vigor and faith when I hear Josiah wake up in our room and starting to fuss because he's hungry. Naturally, I go in to say good morning and to help Dana wake up (something that takes a while). So I grab Josiah out of the bassinet and walk with him into the living room while Dana is making her way out of the fog of morning sleepiness, and he just begins to wail. The blood sugar level has officially dropped and he can't wait anymore. So I'm calling to Dana, "Come on hon- he's hungry- and I don't think he can wait much longer", when all of a sudden streaming through my head comes (to the chorus of REO Speedwagon's "I can't fight this feelin' anymore")

Momma I can't fight this feelin' anymore
I've forgotten what I've started cryin' for
It's time to bring this ship into the shore
And feed this boobivore, cuz' I'm hungry...

Crazy, I know. I am such an 80's kid. That's all for now- just had to share. More later!


Jenifer Johnston said...

That is flipping hilarious. You are a crack up Shawn. A total crack up. (0:

Danelle said...

You are hilarious! And... now I'm gonna have this song in my head all day. ;)