Fresh Photos!

on Tuesday, June 24

So here I am again playing catch up with my blogging. I am still fighting this idea that because you have small children, it means its harder to get things accomplished. Although, I guess if intentions accomplished things-- boy howdy would there be a lot done!! Nuff said. Y'all have been starved out here in bloggerland and I came with fresh material to share! On with the good stuff. To start off a few severely cute pics of the chitluns:
Just love this little picture of Dara and Josiah!

That's my boy! The older they get the more fun they are to get dressed. We couldn't wait to bust out the Baby gap jeans- aww!

Josiah has officially moved on from tolerating his bath times to actually enjoying them. Most recently he figured out how to splash much to mommy's (wet) chagrin! Here he is discovering his little tiny rubber ducky:

"What's this little creature? I think I will see what it tastes like..."

"It doesn't taste like chicken..., but still its chewy... and I like the way it squeaks when I bite it."

"I think I like you... You are mine and I shall bite you as often as I can, because you are my duck!"

Hope you enjoyed this snippet of Klinkner life- more posts ahead!


Danelle said...

Hooray! We love the new pics!! And like you said, that first one of Josiah and Dara together is just precious! It's so fun to see how both of the kids are growing. :)
Love you guys!

Michelle said...

OK, so it seems that Aunt Michelle is a little slow in checking these out! LOL! I love these pics of Dara and Josiah! Josiah is growing so fast! He is so stinkin cute! I can't wait to see him next month at my reception! I love you guys a lot! Michelle